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Need help with risk management & assessment?

We work with large national employers and local trade groups to keep them compliant at all times.
As employers and HR managers, you don't need to know every piece of health & safety legislation, you just need to remember that's our job.

What is Risk Management?

PPD Risk Management involves:
Working with you to risk assess any work activity;
Helping you to set up controls to monitor such risks
Providing documentation and training to communicate these risks to all persons involved.

What is Risk Assessment?

Every workplace should conduct risk assessments for all routine and non-routine operations carried out under various environmental situations. Routine operations include activities such as preparatory and troubleshooting work activities. Non-routine operations include commissioning, repair and maintenance of plant.

At PPD we help you to:
Identify hazards
Carry out risk evaluation and set up risk control.

Risk Assessment Team

Risk assessment should be conducted by a multidisciplinary team who have a thorough knowledge of the work to be undertaken. Team members should include management staff, process or facility engineers, technical personnel, supervisors, production operators, maintenance staff and safety personnel, if available. The risk assessment team should include contractors/suppliers personnel who are involved with the work, whenever necessary.

PPD have two ways to help you set up an Assessment Team
We can train a member of your staff to become your team leader in risk assessment.
We can take on the role of a safety consultant to analyse and risk manage your business.

Roles and Responsibilities

Risk management duties are imposed on every employer, self-employed person and principal (including contractor and sub-contractor). These parties must take all reasonably practicable measures to ensure that the workplace is safe to every person within its premises.

As an Employer you should:
Designate, assign, appoint or engage a competent person leading a team of personnel (including contractors) associated with the process or activity to conduct risk assessments;
Ensure that the risk control measures are implemented without undue delay after the completion of risk assessment;
Inform all persons working at the workplace of the risks, and the means to minimise or, where possible, eliminate the risks;
Provide a risk assessment register to record the findings of risk assessment;
Endorse and approve the risk assessments conducted;
Keep risk assessment records for inspection for at least three years from the date of the assessment and submit the records to the Commissioner for Workplace Safety and Health if the Commissioner so requires;
Review and update the risk assessment at least once every three years or whenever there is a significant change in the work, or after an incident involving the work process;
Ensure that all employees are aware of the risk assessment for the work activity they carry out;
Develop and implement safe work procedures for work which poses safety or health risks to workers;
Keep a written description of safe work procedures and produce this to the inspector for inspection when requested.

As a Risk Assessment Team Leader you should:
Have adequate knowledge of the risk assessment method;
Recommend appropriate risk control measures to reduce or eliminate the risks identified;
Prepare a record of the risk assessment for the employer after completion of the assessment;
Assist management in monitoring the effectiveness of risk control measures after their implementation.

Your employees should:
Participate in the risk assessment or assist in conducting the risk assessment;
Adhere to safe work procedures established to reduce any safety and health risks in the workplace;
Inform their supervisors of any shortcomings in the safe work procedures or risk control measures.

Your contractors and suppliers need to know...

Whenever necessary, contractors and suppliers should work with the risk assessment team to identify hazards, evaluate and control the risks that machinery, equipment or hazardous substances may pose. Contractors and suppliers must provide information of any machinery, equipment or hazardous substances to their customers who may require the information to conduct risk assessment in their workplaces. For example, contractors and suppliers should provide operation manuals, maintenance manuals, safety data sheets, etc.

Where contractors and suppliers undertake work for their customers, they must take all reasonably practicable measures to eliminate or reduce the risk that may be posed by their machinery, equipment or hazardous substances as much as reasonably practicable.


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